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We built tech for efficiency and amplification. The Fist Bump AIQ and TwinIt(tm) is a two-tier solution for a tuned AI model for your business and individual digital twins for everyone on your team.  

We do the work for you with our concierge services, but your team members need personalized content, reports and tools too, That is why we created our exclusive TwinIt(tm) solution. 

Fist Bump Technology
Fist Bump Technology

AIQ & TwinIt: The Ultimate Tech Duo

For those eager to dive into AIQ and TwinIt, our special monthly subscription for just $197 is your ideal choice. This package isn’t just about software access; it’s also an entry ticket to learning and community engagement.

What’s Included in the $197 Subscription?


  • Full Access to Fist Bump Technology: Unleash the power of AIQ and TwinIt, elevating your business strategies with advanced AI tools.
  • Group Coaching and Training Community: Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment with professionals like yourself.
  • Weekly Live Training Sessions: Stay updated with the latest trends and techniques in AI and digital marketing.
  • Comprehensive Training Library: Gain unlimited access to all past training sessions.
  • Exclusive Chat Channel: Engage in enriching discussions, pose questions, and share insights with a community of other Fist Bump users.
Fist Bump Technology

Fist Bump Classic: Streamlined Efficiency at Your Fingertips

For those who prefer a more straightforward approach, our “classic” version of Fist Bump is the perfect fit. Priced at an accessible $18 per month, this option provides you with essential tools to enhance your digital engagement seamlessly.

Classic Version Features:

  • Chrome Extension: Integrate Fist Bump smoothly with your browser for enhanced usability.
  • List Features: Organize and manage your contacts effectively with custom list functionalities.
  • Comment Management: Streamline your interactions with efficient comment handling tools.
  • List Curation Feature: Experience our popular feature that revolutionizes the way you curate and engage with content.

Whether you choose our comprehensive $197 subscription with community learning or the streamlined classic version for $18 per month, Fist Bump Technology is here to support your journey towards digital mastery.

AIQ Concierge Pricing 

Pricing starts at $2,995 per month for full access to the AIQ Concierge Program for up to 25 people.

AIQ Plus Concierge upgrade pricing ranges from $1,495 to $3,250 per month depending on features selected and number of Digital Twin users.