Relationships, Social and AI in the Buyer-Centric Age. With our concierge services, weimplement proven activities aligned with how modern buyers prefer to buy.

The Buyer Journey Has Changed!

If you are frustrated because your traditional sales activities like cold calls, cold emails and live events are not producing the desired results, we have answers for you.

"We 5x'd our qualified pipeline goal with Fist Bump!"

Modern Selling as a System

Proven activities that build relationships, earn conversations and build qualified pipeline.

It Starts with AI!

With Fist Bump AIQ, our concierges do all the work so you don’t need to know prompts, directives and struggle with AI training.

Your AI IQ Hub

The program commences with in-depth analysis and AI training/tuning using AIQ Hub.  This training and tuning process ensures that your Concierge team can help you leverage AI in alignment with your ideal customers, your products and services and your buying journey.
Fist Bump AIQ Plus

AIQ Plus Concierge


Leverage AIQ Hub beyond reports and tools. Let our concierge team create, publish and promote your brand messages. Choose from Brand Growth or Team Amplification. Or, accelerate your growth using both.

Our team creates your messaging strategy, interview your team and leverages interview, show-style content to become top-of-mind with your prospect and create qualified pipeline.



Fist Bump Event Concierge

Event Concierge


Your next conference or trade show should be your best ever.

Going to shows is expensive and takes a lot of time. Give yourself the best opportunity for success with the exclusive event domination program.

This 4-month program leverages our proven, show-style interview content, social amplification and targeted paid campaigns. Be sure to review our impressive case studies.


Fist Bump Executive Concierge

Executive Concierge


It is not self-promotion.

It is idea and brand promotion. The best way to grow your business is by growing your personal brand and reputation. That is why LinkedIn is so important when it is does properly.

With the Executive Concierge program, we do the work for you with our proven tactics to turn your personal LinkedIn profile into a demand creation machine for your business.



Fist Bump Live Show Concierge

Live Show Concierge


Elevate your business to new heights with your own live show and podcast.

Think about how you gain new information. It probably includes listening to live shows, webinars and podcasts. Your buyers do the same thing.

Show-style, interview content dominates buyer mindshare. Be sure to check out our data that proves it. Buyers want to learn from trusted names in the industry.  When you are the host of an reputable show, your qualified pipeline and recruiting soars too.