Website & Revenue Zone Matrix Planning

Who we are:

FistBump enables B2B businesses to create a modern fusion of digital marketing, social selling and personal brand development that leads to digital and social dominance for their industry which fills pipeline and lead to predictable revenue growth.

Fist Bump is both a technology platform and a consulting service in one company.

Fist Bump technology – The first social commenting task manager. Our uniquifier is allow users to create workflows that provide commenting tasks for specific prospects and customers for prospecting, selling and staying top-of-mind.  Our “Train the AI Brain” feature allows users to train their personal AI tool with information about themselves, their work history and personal life so comment suggestions are personal and not generic, AI feeling comments.

Our unique value proposition is that we are the only sequencing platform to use social comments as a strategic, structured outreach communication channel. All comments are validated and documents in Fist Bump and automatically published into user’s CRM system to document activity for each contact and opportunity.

Our Focus:

We utilize modern AI-driven technologies (such as FB, FA, etc.) and the Social Selling 2.0 Blueprint to facilitate:

✔ Demand Creation
✔ Social Prospecting
✔ Personal Brand Development


Primary Offerings:


Fist Bump Technology

Users can sign up for a 7-day free trial. We offer 2-tier pricing of $39 per month and $79 per user per month. AI commenting feature only available with the $79 tier. For more information on Fist Bump, see our current website at

LinkedIn DFY for Executives

  • Weekly social engagement with 100 prospects. We use their LinkedIn account for them, utilizing Fist Bumps trained AI, we comment on up to 100 prospects, customers and industry influencers social post activity each week.
  • Publish 1 Thought Leadership video per week.
  • Publish 1 additional social post per week. 1 post per month is a highly engaging carousel post.
  • Our goal is to grow their influence in their industry, increase strategic LinkedIn connections and turn the customer into a known thought leader in their industry.

Live Event Dominance

  • 6-month program that includes show management and production, paid advertising, social prospecting, social selling and creating meetings ahead of conferences.
  • From each episode we create between 10-15 video shorts for social advertising amplification. Clients get all videos and shorts for their marketing and sales team to use for their own social outreach.
  • We follow our Social Selling 2.0 blueprint to build brand awareness, create the leadership as industry thought leaders and help create customer meetings prior to conferences for at conference success.
  • At conference, we provide in booth video interviews and social advertising amplification (geofencing) to promote the company and their booth with paid ads within 1-2 mile radius of the conference location.

Live Show & Podcast production, management, and amplification

    • We create, manage and produce a weekly Live show and podcast for the customer. We coordinate with the client to create the brand and all brand artwork.
    • We setup their live show LinkedIn page and podcast account for publishing distribution to the top 15 podcast players including Apple and Spotify.
    • Their team are the host(s) for the show.
    • We coordinate guests and set up the live show event. Most often, our clients only spend about 1-hour per week for the show. They login 15 minutes before recording, review the storyboard with the guest and then go live for their discussion for 30-45 minutes.
    • After the show, we edit video and produce and publish to YouTube. We edit the audio and publish to podcast network.
    • We create 10-15 video “shorts” from each episode and publish for social advertising. We provide shorts for their team to use for any team members personal social publishing.
    • We create a show webpage and update it each week with the latest show.

Private Group Coaching and Training – Virtual and Live (DMAC presentation)

  • Lead them through the entire Social Selling 2.0 blueprint in a private space on community.
  • Their team gets full access to all pages in our public Community
  • Private – group coaching/speaking/training for a company, niche or ecosystem
  • Some clients hire us to provide this service to their customers as a added value for doing business with our client.

These are additional offerings but designed for Demand Creation

• Full Day workshop (Social Selling 2.0) ($3,000 + travel)
 This is a 6-hour workshop that provides an overview of the Social Selling 2.0 blueprint and its value to companies who utilize it for social and digital dominance in their industry.
• Group coaching in Social Selling 2.0 for individuals ($99 per month)
• Live Events (price and locations TBD)
o 1-day events to learn how to implement the SS 2.0 blueprint individually
• Weekly free 30-minute social prospecting and social selling training
 Thursdays at 1p Eastern

What we do not do:

• One on one consulting/coaching (I.e., Arlene, etc.)
• Generic digital marketing campaigns
• Email Marketing
• General video production


Traditional marketing and traditional sales outreach activities are dying. They are losing efficacy every day. Cold calls don’t get returned. Cold emails go to Spam.
Companies need to CREATE demand vs Capture Demand. That is where we come in.
We create digital and social systems for companies to create demand through telling their company AND individual stories that results in a steady flow of high-quality customer conversations.

Transform Brand Growth and Lead Generation (Transform your marketing)
We help companies increase pipeline through digital marketing, social selling and demand creation systems. We help customers with social selling techniques, content strategy, social media to increase pipeline.


Traditional marketing, outbound efforts, and paid advertising are no longer driving results as they once did. It’s time to take a new approach. Rather than relying on antiquated marketing approaches like cold emails, cold calls and lead generation landing pages, you need to empower and equip the assets you already have: your customers and employees.
Amplify companies brand narratives through individual voices leveraging social like LinkedIn.