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Prospecting is harder than ever.
We operate in a noisy world where attention is necessary, but must be earned. Today’s B2B opportunities start with You: Your knowledge. Your values. Your ideas.

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Attract and Retain Customers = Revenue Growth

ALL Made Easier

Relationships, Social and AI in the Buyer-Centric Age. With our concierge services, we implement proven activities aligned with the way modern buyers prefer to buy.

Trusted by innovative B2B companies:

Trusted by innovative B2B companies…

Stand Out or Blend In

B2B investments are strategic commitments that power the way we do business. They’re backed by companies, but led by people. Relationships matter more than ever, but getting there requires help.

Fist Bump’s Technology Platform is a holistic solution that takes the work out of prospecting, so sellers can focus on serving customers.

LinkedIn Solutions: Increase leads, connections, meetings, and buyers using our social concierge service for both Executives and the Teams they represent.

Podcasts and Live Shows: Our digital broadcast services allow you to focus on the content and thought leadership your prospects are looking for while building your sales funnel.

Events and Conferences: Fist Bump’s Concierge Service frees you up to focus on your most valued customers while leaving the on-site production and promotion work to us.

Today’s buyer preferences call for a modernized approach to marketing

Traditional lead generation and sales strategies are less effective than ever before.  Customer demand is there, but it must be created, not captured.


Increased Pipeline


Closed Revenue


Customer Satisfaction

Mitch Loder, Sales Director, Ludia Consulting

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Ludia Consulting 

The Fist Bump Concierge service offerings incorporates a suite of AI-based tools and technologies powered by a team of experts that create demand, accelerate results, and revenue growth.

1 + 1 + 1 = 10!

Authentic brand engagement, elevated relationships, creative demand creation, and buyer enablement resulting in attracting and retaining your target customers attention.  Modern revenue expansion that together far exceed the sum of the parts!

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Create Demand with Modern Strategies

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