Executive-Lead Growth:
Your Reputation Drives Growth and Attracts Top Talent

Executive Concierge

"Our online presence and recognition skyrocketed!"

Most C-suite and sales leaders didn’t become excellent leaders by promoting themselves. Many also believe that building a personal brand is about self promotion.

Growing your personal brand is about promoting ideas and your business. We have a proven system to turn your personal brand into fuel for sales growth, higher retention and attracting top talent.

How It Works

Do you aim to not just participate but truly dominate, turning your substantial investment into a magnet for quality traffic, buzz, and qualified prospects? If your goal is to convert event participation into tangible revenue and lasting customer relationships, we have the perfect solution for you.

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Step #1: In-depth Interviews and Analysis

The program commences with in-depth video interviews and analysis using AIQ Hub which provides a foundation for social content and any needed updates to your LinkedIn profile.   We also use these interviews to train our AIQ Hub platform to align with your business, your voice, your style.

Step #2: Weekly Posting and Engagement

The next step of the program involves weekly “done for you” social posting and strategic commenting on LinkedIn with the goal of driving interest and relevant brand visibility with your company.   Day by day your network expands with healthy connections that want to get to know you and your company better.

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Executive Concierge LinkedIn engagement done for your

Step #3: Meetings and Opportunities

As your network and connections expand, we reach out and schedule “intro meetings” with potential customers, partners, influencers and employee candidates who are excited to meet you and interact with your business.

The Executive Concierge Program elevates your business above the crowd and creates a major competitive advantage.  Let us help your business become a LinkedIn superstar using our proven approach and system.

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6-month program

$5,000 / month

  • Includes 6 months of access to AIQ Concierge and AIQ Hub.
  • Option to cancel after 90 days if not 100% satisfied with results.
  • You own and have full access to all videos and other content created as part of this program.