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Something I’ve been thinking about as a business owner is how you start your go to market preparation.
In 2002, when I launched by design, my marketing company. I picked my head up and said, you know, what do we do to generate revenue?

And I looked at what was working at the time and we created a call center. And we had call scripts and we had direct mail
and we went to trade shows and it worked really well in growing that to a twelve million dollar company in five years.

But nowadays, what are companies supposed to do, whether it’s a new company or an existing company that’s getting challenged with predictable revenue. What do we do? You know, the book predictable revenue came out I believe in twenty ten and it created this entire phase of SDRs
and BDRs and and being able to create predictable forecast models.

But what do we do now when the cold calling isn’t giving us predictable revenue. When the email cadences are not giving us predictable revenue
because the buyer behavior has changed. You know, the challenge hasn’t changed as business owners and whether you’re producing sales
rep or regional sales manager or you run a sales team, you’re a business owner. And you’ve got to think about what activities can I do?

They’re going to create predictable revenue. Now when we talk about social, this isn’t, oh, it’s cute. It’s social selling. It’s light and fluffy. You know, it’s about putting in frameworks and processes that use tools like social to meet our prospects, engage our prospects, create opportunities with our prospects and create a system that we could have predictable revenue because we have frameworks that we could work day in and day out.

I just think too often when you talk about social selling, business leaders see it as something cute. And it’s not cute. It’s sales. It’s a framework. And the reason that I have engaged it so much is because I could close my eyes today and go create a call center hire people, create call scripts, you know, get the phone systems, do all of that.

But the reason I don’t do it is because it’s not gonna work. It’s a waste of time. It’s a waste of money. And compared to other opportunities because the buyer has changed their behavior. And so we need to change our behavior as well. So here’s my message for the day when you think about social selling,

If you think it’s something light and cute and fluffy, you’re totally thinking about it wrong. It is a framework that when implemented well creates predictable revenue. You can actually forecast what your closes are gonna be And bad forecast isn’t that what keeps up?

Business owners at night? Are we really gonna close the deals that we think we’re gonna close? I’d say that most business leaders, most sales leaders. If you ask them, how confident they are in their forecast model right now. Unless they’re lying, they’re gonna say it’s really,
really low.